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Northumbria Community


Who is the Northumbria Community?


The Northumbria Community is a dispersed global network of very diverse people from all kinds of walks of life and streams of Christian faith. We are Community by the common commitment to a rule of life of ‘availability and vulnerability’. In embracing this rule we make choices, personally and as a community, about how we will live, and how we won’t.


We have been inspired by the spiritual tradition of monasticism and have an identity that is rooted in the history and spiritual heritage of Celtic Northumbria. In seeking God as the 'one thing necessary' our continuing quest for a 'new monasticism' is the heart of our life. It is this blending of 'a prayer that is quiet and contemplative and a faith that is active and contagious', lived out in the ordinariness of everyday life, which forms a foundational basis for our growth and development.


Why does the Northumbria Community exist?


The Northumbria Community exists primarily to call people back to a relational God and to seek him daily as the ‘one thing necessary’ for living. In the outworking of this it seeks to contribute to the re-imagining of the Church by finding a different way to be faithful to the Gospel in a changing world, and to find alternative ways of living. The Community happened because a group of people has found in each other companionship for this journey.


What guides the life of the Northumbria Community?


As it seeks to live out its rule of life, the life of the Northumbria Community – companions and friends, alone and together, is guided by three questions:


Who is it that we seek?


How then shall we live?


How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?

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